Our Vision

We want to become the world’s leading provider of one of the most beautiful offerings on the planet. A diamond is for everyone.


30 years ago, two young brothers from the slums of Mumbai had dreams bigger than themselves. After working odd jobs to support their education, Manish and Tarun Kalaria, teamed up to actualize their ambition— they were going to build something together.

Soon after, with the blessings of their parents and endless hours of work, M. Tarun became a reality. We were just a handful back then, but from the very beginning, our focus has always been on quality and perfection. We’ve taken great care in every aspect of our foundation and have continued to apply the same parameters for decades. Honestly, it’s all we know.

Always striving for excellence, the complete surrender to our craft has helped us build a legacy. M. Tarun, still retains its very first factory, now operates in 3 major cities globally and takes pride in providing diamonds with the best lustre and brilliance, time and time again. We give you stones that bring light to your soul and love to your spirit. As we continue to build on our dreams, we invite you on a marvelous journey with us. We’ll always give you the best— that’s a promise.