Our Product

We specialize in manufacturing round polished diamonds from 0.01 to 0.39 in G+ and VS+. Each stone is given the same attention to detail which results in perfect symmetry and cut.​

The “M. Tarun Make”: Our Diamonds

To produce the “M. Tarun Make” on a consistent basis takes time, experience, dedicated craftsmen and attention to detail. Each stone from 0.01 cts is measured on a Sarin machine prior to manufacturing which helps guide our polishers to achieve the “M. Tarun Make.”

Despite all rough diamonds being unique, once polished by our expert craftsmen, our standards ensures each stone becomes exactly alike. Our diamond parameters are 150 times more rigid than the GIA Triple Ex stone and 90 times stricter than IGI stones.

M.Tarun Make Parameters vs. Gia Excellent Parameters


These strict parameters, quality of polish and consistency of our production makes our stones the most sought after polish in this size range.

Goods Availability Chart

The table above shows the range of round polished diamonds we sell. We also supply bagging, matching and mm sizes for the watch and jewellry industry.